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Eastern Netway  is a professionally managed IT-enabled services company providing quality services to its clients in the US, UK, Canada and Australia since 1999.

Eastern Netway is promoted by qualified professionals with experience in varied fields like Finance, Management, Software Services, Systems Development and Research.

We have an excellent infrastructure and experienced manpower to deliver quality to the exacting standards of the industry and to consistently meet turn around time.

Our Mission is to provide our clients with fast and accurate services while maintaining the highest levels of integrity, compliance, and ethics. 

We are a one-stop solution for a range of IT-enabled services like transcription, translation, data conversion and digitization. Our dedicated and experienced team handles your jobs with the utmost professional care.

Our primary goal is to provide professional services to you at affordable rates.  We provide uncompromising quality, rates within your budget, highly accurate and timely & convenient delivery.

We provide superior services to many branches of business including medical, insurance, financial, corporate, and legal. Our customers benefit from our efficient and complete solutions for speech recording, voice file transfer, document distribution, and storage at no additional cost.


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