Corporate Transcription:
We process any kind of transcription that a normal business office would required typed. 
Who can use these services:

* Small businesses
* Large Corporations
* Individuals
Types of reports
* General Correspondence transcription
* Meetings
* Conferences
* Speeches
* One-on-one interviews
* Board meetings
* Client letters
* Reports
* Briefs
* Memos

Legal Transcription:

We offer services to individual lawyers and law firms and process all kinds of legal letters, manuscripts, surveillance reports, deposition summaries, pleadings and any other kind of dictation.
Who can use these services:

* Attorneys
* Detectives
* Police Officers (Police Reports)
* Medical Examiners (Autopsies)
* Private Investigators
Types of reports
* Interrogations
* Witness and Victim Interviews
* Other Interviews
* 911 Calls
* Depositions
* Hearings
* Court Proceedings transcription
* Trials transcription
* Wire Tap transcription
* Legal letter transcription
* Verbatim transcription
* General Correspondence transcription
* Legal Pleadings
* Reports
* Briefs
* Court transcripts
* Court proceedings
* Client letters
University Transcription:
Our company has had a long association with student groups and university faculties and have provided them with high quality transcriptions covering a wide range of subjects.
Who can use these services:

* Students
* Researchers
* Professors
*  University Departments
Types of reports
*  Interviews
*  Lectures
*  Thesis
*  Dissertations
*  Oral history
*  Seminars
*  Academic research
*  One-to-one interactions.
Medical Transcription:
Our Medical Transcription staff has been trained with the best institutes and are very proficient with medical language and terminology. Most of them come with a degree in Pharmacy or Microbiology, which makes them the best suited for this environment. The Quality Control procedures followed are also very strict ato give 98.5%+ accuracy.
Who can use these services:
*  Physicians
*  Practices
*  Hospitals
*  Medical Transcription Service Organizations.
Reports Covered
Gastroenterology Reports
Ophthalmology Reports
Urology Reports
Pediatric Reports
Neurology Reports
Orthopaedic Reports
Rheumatology Report
Endocrinology Report
Consultation Reports
Otolaryngology Report
Radiology Reports
Oncology Reports
Psychiatric Reports
Primary care Reports
Discharge Summaries
Operative Reports
Psychiatric Reports
Pediatric Clinical Reports
Flourescein Angiogram Reports
Radiology/Oncology Reports
Cardiology Reports
Holter Study Reports
Treadmill Study Reports
Turn-around-time that suits your requirement. The files are returned to the originator anytime between 4-24 hours depending on the specifications. We maintain a high level of confidentiality to assure you on the safety of sensitive information being held and processed at our end with strictest procedures and confidence. 
You’ll find us friendly, professional and easy to work with – able to take on the tasks you want us to.  We’ll work with you to fully understand your goals and help you achieve them.
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At Eastern Netway we want to make sure you get the value, quality and top solution to grow your business.  Hence we are proud to say that we provide a personal one-on-one service to every company that partners with Eastern Netway. With the individual attention and committment paid to your tasks and projects that you yourself would give ensures quality results.
We provide transcription services to individuals, organizations, universities, and businesses as our diverse workforce is well versed in a variety of subject areas.
Our transcription diversity includes an expertise in the following:
    * Normal letter dictation
    * Focus Groups
    * Meetings
    * Conferences
    * Conventions
    * Interviews
    * Teleconferences
    * Seminars
    * Training Sessions
    * Manuscripts
    * Panel Discussions
Transcription Services
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